Feb 20th StakeProfits 2.04.05 2020-02-20

New update

StakeProfits 2.04.05 2020-02-20

  • An bug that make limbo x90 and crash x90 to start( Just be carefull to use these 2 as its not 24/7
  • Fixed random skips after 2 or 3 fails in a row in conjunction with looses after 4 looses in a row
  • More human random waittime
  • Added more code for upcoming roulette bot

Feb 16th UPDATE to StakeProfits 2.04.04 2020-02-16

-Changed mines module so it plays random on all squares when not loose (I see a better win ratio to play with numbers   randomly over all squares. Me play 3 times with 500 bets and win over 300 000 satochis in short time. Please play with   lower bets as it  always involve a risk when gambling - Changed whats happend after 2,3,4 looses in ... Read More »