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Complete automatic system

For gain huge profits in Stake casino.

Proudly present next generation of trully automatic gambling and BTC mining




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  • First of it class software
  • Easy setup
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Can run 24/7 on rdp
  • Earn bitcoin, dodges or what you choose

* Best human simulated robot ever

  • No human can work 24/7 - Bot can 
  • Automatic logout from casino with different setups
  • Automatic stoploss in percent of wallet
  • Automatic random pauses
  • Easy setup of win percent - When you want earning end? 24/7 or 50 % or more? 
  • Not visible for casino at all - Dont use same pattern ever

* What you get?

  • Truly set and forgot system
  • Predictor that also will be lifetime own and predictor for every casino you manually want to play at. Not bound just to Stake casino
  • High tech software developers
  • 24/7 support
  • Constant winnings as it use words nr 1 Roulette predictor used by my self that gain my income VERRY VERRY MUCH under many years at roulette tables
  • Me as seller of this bot and maker of predictors have many years behind to deliver quality softwares that works

Here is little about the predictor used:

Triplex 2.0 predictor

Little more about different systems bot uses:

This mode deserves special attention! For the first time in the history of roulette, I realized the idea of adapting the famous "Monty Hall Paradox" for playing dozens. This technology really knows how to open the "right door", showing amazing accuracy in predictions.

For those who first hear about a mathematical phenomenon called the "Monty Hall paradox," I want to offer a short video explaining the essence of this subject:

This mode differs from others in that it periodically skips a bet if the current gaming conditions do not correspond to the internal settings of the calculation algorithm. Due to this, the program gives very accurate predictions.

Now I want to go directly to demonstrating the work of this mode on the RNG table:

Starting bankroll: 
Starting bet: 
Final bankroll: 
381 (profit +101)
Betting system: 
Default (Fibonacci progression)




Updated standard Mode "SMART 2020"

This mode replaces the standard Mode1 mode in Triplex 1.0.

It is a symbiosis of calculations that focus on all modern gaming platforms relevant for 2020. Smart 2020 is a very effective technology, enclosed in the program code!

This mode perfectly shows itself in any casino and on any type of table (LIVE or RNG), which is certainly important for any player.

The video below shows a demo of the game with the SMART 2020 mode and the D-Donald betting system (well known from the previous version of Triplex 1.0).

Starting bank: 
Starting bet: 
(5 + 5 - game in 2 dozens/columns)
Final bank: 
1500 (profit +300)
SMART 2020
Betting system: 
D-Donald (light progression)





Updated adaptive mode "ADAPTIVE 2.0"

For those unfamiliar with the first version of Triplex, ADAPTIVE technology allows to increase the accuracy of prediction using the RNG adjustment mechanism in any casino, as well as probabilistic adjustment for live tables (LIVE) by creating a special adaptive matrix for a given number of numbers (10 by default)

This mode has long been very popular among the users of my programs. And the version of ADAPTIVE 2.0 is a modified elements of the algorithm to improve the quality of the results!

The demonstration video with this mode will be shown a little further, because right now I want to introduce 




In fact, users who previously purchased Triplex 1.0 know that the "Blind" and "Blind+" betting systems were available in the previous version.

The problem is that at that time I talked about the "Blind" system as a promising one, but did not give sufficient explanations and instructions for using this tool. Therefore, it turned out that this betting system was left unattended by users...

But this time I fixed it and am ready to provide you with a strategy for playing with this tool. Powerful new 
Triplex 2.0 algorithms combined with the "Blind" betting system give such impressive results that they can surprise the most experienced players (including myself!).

With the necessary bankroll amount, this system is able to get out of any drawdowns, which are very rare at the same time (again thanks to 
Triplex 2.0 algorithms).

In the following video I show the work of the program in ADAPTIVE 2.0 mode using a special strategy with the "Blind" betting system (continuation of the previous session on live auto-roulette):

Starting bank: 
Starting bet: 
(5 + 5 - game on 2 dozens/clolumns)
Final bank: 
2000 (profit +500)
Betting system: 

If you pay attention, near the end of the session there was just a rather deep drawdown, with which the program confidently coped. But also, by the way, the drawdown itself seems deep in this case only because the game is played with minimal bank for this system. The optimal balance for a comfortable game should be 1.5 - 2 times more (with an initial bet of 5 + 5)...





Not a bad result, is it? But there is more to come!

In the following example I will show a compilation of 11 sessions that increased the initial bank by 4 times without noticeable drawdowns! (you have already seen two of these sessions above). In the video, I also use the "Blind" system with ADAPTIVE 2.0 and SMART 2020 modes (PARADOX mode can also be used for 2 dozens, but it was originally designed to play on one).

Starting bank: 
Starting bet: 
(5 + 5 - game on 2 dozens/columns)
Final bank: 
4815 (profit +3615)
Betting system: 
Each session time: ~30 minutes
Total play time: ~5 hours


TRIPLEX 2.0 - The revolution in game on dozens!


At your disposal will be 3 incredibly effective modes: PARADOXSMART 2020 and ADAPTIVE 2.0, as well as 4 betting systems, each of which is useful in its own way. You can combine modes and betting systems in any options, choosing the one that will be convenient personally in your gaming conditions!

For the "Blind" progression, I devoted a whole separate chapter in the manual, where I explained in deep details the entire procedure when using this betting system. And also I give a number of valuable recommendations that will make your game stablecalm and inspiringly profitable!






Stake Triplex Roule BOt

Saturday, October 3, 2020

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