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****Stake Roule Bot **** is an easy way to earn money online true playing roulette at crypto casino Stake.


It will change the way you think on earning easy money online because of the easy way to gamble roulette.
Software is a windows-based application that is packed when you get it.
Its equipped with a good roulette predictor that can predict which numbers is best probability to bet on.
It's easy to start.

How is this roulette software working?

After years of playing on online casinos with this special predictor, i understand that you need to have a very big bankroll as casinos often use 1$ / start bet. That means if it goes against you, you will probably lose your money as you have feelings and often bet to much and just follow your head to think i win next time. I am right?
I win usually less money and lose all very often.

Then after many years of thinking i understand that if use BTC (Bitcoins) in a crypto casino i can suddenly use much less money to bet with.

Why roulette with a crypto robot?

Because on Stake casino we can bet small. Its 8 decimals to begin with. 0,00000001 is smallest bet and that means very less risk to lose big money if use low bet.
Then I get an idea. An idea that grow to a software that I use every day now.

First, it’s a robot that run this perfect predictor and put numbers from predictor. And you can choose from different systems and money handling, with an easy to understand interface.
And what's even better is that predictor you can use on normal casinos also if you want to (you own
predictor for life). The robot and predictor, or we call it bot is tied to one machine.
You can rent robot for 1 month, 3 month or buy it for lifetime. It’s a fantastic little friend that will help you to do the boring work to bet, and now also with world best predictor.


STAKE ROULE BOT – Now you can have it also to let your money grow.

Crypto earning robot on Autopilot

Can it be a 24/7 way to earn money?

Booth yes and no, it's made for playing nonstop with human behaviour like pauses and stop loss and take profits in different ways and can be on long time. But of course,
casino will see a pattern and if you play to long time, they probably change their way to treat you so my advices is to play little everyday so casino not think you are a robot.
This robot uses different systems and include a new 2020 strategy.
Safe mode can also be applied for more safety when bet. System is made of a professional programmer with many years behind him to make automated betting systems. This will give a great support if something is in error.

To use a robot that can make many thousands of bets every day will of course make money and in a never seen
before automated way.
To use a predictor that is tested and tested of thousands of players will give you the biggest chance to beat the roulette wheel and RPG (Random
Number generator).

Robot will never be tired, never make wrong bets and will never sleep if you tell him to work.
We are proud to present the next generation of automated Crypto moneyearnings

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Image may contain: text that says "Stake Profits Roule Bot Stake roulette betting bot"

Friday, July 10, 2020

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