UPDATE to StakeProfits 2.04.04 2020-02-16

-Changed mines module so it plays random on all squares when not loose (I see a better win ratio to play with numbers   randomly over all squares. Me play 3 times with 500 bets and win over 300 000 satochis in short time. Please play with   lower bets as it  always involve a risk when gambling - Changed whats happend after 2,3,4 looses in ... Read More »

16th Feb 2020
UPDATE to StakeProfits 2.04.03 2020-02-14


  • System clean process chromedrive.exe after exit pick games form. Memory free
  • Algo update in Mines module. 
  • Change version numbers
  • Preparation for new upcomming "Roulettebot 2020 version with a special touch" Not finnish yet but work verry good with inbuild strategies and systems for best possibility to win. 

14th Feb 2020
The worlds best stake casino bot has just been even better again. - WIN RATE OF NEARLY 80 % in Mine module!!!

2020-02-07. Ver 2.04.02 uploaded - Changes for Mines module: --- New bet system. Max bet is a value where we decrease with some percent up to max bet size --- Change some algorithm when placing mines. More randomly. --- Increase win chances --- Add more delays for non detecton(More Human controlled) --- Change some text in logs files --- Changes ... Read More »

7th Feb 2020
StakeProfits 2.04 2020-01-25

  Changed creator credits inside code Mines module change algo what rectangle will change after looses Known bug in crash x 1.3 that not show profit in game form. (NOT FIXED) USE LIMBO 1.3 FOR A WHILE) Changed  some odds when bet Added new manual Added read me file Fix for missing log bug Added support link and forum link in Game ... Read More »

25th Jan 2020
Stakeprofits 2.00 is Live

20191219 - Stakeprofits 2.0 is born. My thinking when make changes to design is like this:                     "We are like sharks, we swim in deep water where we see the Bitcoins gold on                     bottom and now we use  StakeProfits 2.0 to get it automatically, more and more ... Read More »

22nd Dec 2019