We grow and get Cpanel hosting

As we sell more softwares and scripts like casino script we need customers to get a really fast and powerfull hosting experience.  We now sell cpanelhosting plans for your webpage, blogs and scripts.  Centos 7 installed  *Cheap domains. *SSD drives *High memory  *All functions enabled *Softaculus included( Tousands of readymade scripts ... Read More »

26th Jan 2021
Bet365 Star - Our name for newest copy bot

BET365 STAR   „Bet365 Star is a bet365 replication system for bet365, for tipsters and sports account operators.  „With this system  it is possible to replicate more than 1 bet on more than 500 accounts in just a few seconds.  „This project was made and idealized to end the excess of open tabs and several screens.  „Operating on ... Read More »

23rd Jan 2021
Stake Roule Bot - Updated for progression . Rewritten from scratch

* Updated code for selenium * Updated algo when reset bet after x to x times.  * Progression for winback after reset bets after x to x times. We can choose multiplier * Statistic added with lot of good statistic like dice bot. * Auto logins and delay for betting updated.  * License system updated to latest api for           easy use. Read More »

22nd Jan 2021
Copy Bet Bot For Bet365

We proudly want to present a product for copying bets for bet365 Copy one account to other accounts One example:   Real madrid vs barcelona playing Then we want place bet on Real madrid with good win odds Then you are sure Real madrid will be won But When place bet maually on site. you  can only place bet with  one account But if you ... Read More »

7th Jan 2021
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