Jan 23rd Bet365 Star - Our name for newest copy bot

BET365 STAR   „Bet365 Star is a bet365 replication system for bet365, for tipsters and sports account operators.  „With this system  it is possible to replicate more than 1 bet on more than 500 accounts in just a few seconds.  „This project was made and idealized to end the excess of open tabs and several screens.  „Operating on ... Read More »

Jan 22nd Stake Roule Bot - Updated for progression . Rewritten from scratch

* Updated code for selenium * Updated algo when reset bet after x to x times.  * Progression for winback after reset bets after x to x times. We can choose multiplier * Statistic added with lot of good statistic like dice bot. * Auto logins and delay for betting updated.  * License system updated to latest api for           easy use. Read More »